Whisper Little Voices
A Collection of Poetry & Art.

Whisper Little Voices captures selected poems by Robin Sinclair and pairs them with breathtaking art pieces by Little Boot.  Each Little Boot piece, varying in medium, is a reflection of or is inspired by its corresponding poem.


Sinclair guides us through a chilly autumn evening of addiction, betrayal, and a nightmarish desperation to escape the past, leading us into an early morning of passion, lust, love and peace.  Boot's various art pieces gorgeously, and at points hauntingly, reflect Sinclair's themes of hope, heartbreak, schizophrenia, self-mutilation, penance, and longing.


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"Whisper, Little Voices"


Whisper, little voices

Forces flashes to resurface

Glances at your fingertips

Reminders of your aching hands

Knuckles white and throbbing veins

Little voices don't forget.


Whisper, little voices

Of a nightmare that was real

Seeing someone sit beside you

Softly speaking, but not there.

Drunken stumble, bleeding chest

Little voices don't forget.


Whisper, little voices

Of a girl who told a lie

Echos lost beneath an overpass

The dead friend in your arms.

Tears of anger, smiling wrath

Little voices don't forget.


Whisper, little voices

Of betrayal and broken hearts

Lies to stitch yourself together

To spare yourself the conversation

There are cuts that always bleed

Little voices don't forget


Whisper, little voices

As you tend to battered flesh

Crawl yourself toward the sunset

Aching for a lover's touch.

Just remember, this is penance,

Just remember, you have earned this,

Just remember, we are with you,

Little voices don't forget.

"Whisper Little Voices" Copyright Robin Sinclair 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

Whisper Little Voices.

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© Robin Sinclair 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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