Sweet Nothing.

The story of the Orphans begins.

John is many things: A poet, a murderer, a lover, a liar, and more.  He is also guided by (or at times, simply haunted by) the Ghost of his beloved friend, Mary.  Follow the story of John's life, through decadence, heartbreak, and vengeance, as the two walk a path along the outskirts of sanity, attempting to define, or perhaps redefine, morality and the turmoil within the human spirit.



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The Orphans.
Meet the Characters of

Sweet Nothing.

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John.     The Ghost of Mary.     Gayle.     Beatrice da Rimini.     Walt.
Mike.     Vincenzo Viadana.     Tracy.     Gwen.     Paolo da Rimini.
Chris & The Children of Gayle.     The Hipsters.     Ginny.     Seth.
The Tell No Tales.     The Dealer.     Robert.     The Drunk Driver. 

The Lares Family.     B. Sieznick & The Beats.     The Thugs.     Kyle.

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