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Selected Poems Found in Literary Journals & Magazines

Minutiae of Causation, Pink Plastic House, A Tiny Journal


On The Ethical Flaying of Corpses As a Form of Escapism, Cartridge Lit

You Don't Know What You've Done., Across The Margin

Sex., Trampset


She Goes To The Attic & Considers Dying., Pink Plastic House


The Need, Sundress Publications The Wardrobe

He Read First From Psalms, Then From Samuel, Shot Glass Journal

Take The Back Roads To Her, Across The Margin

Fiction & Non-Fiction

Selected Works From Literary Journals & Magazines

Short Stories & Flash Fiction

After Dakota’s Sweet Sixteen, The Daily Drunk

Before, Black Telephone Magazine


Guest Editor: Red Shirt Review, A Star Trek Zine, Daily Drunk Publishing

But Seriously - Why The Misfits?, Across The Margin.

Trash, And Lost Moments, Across The Margin (Best Nonfiction of 2020 Selection).

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