Nothing More.

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The story of the Orphans concludes.  


April, weary of a life without purpose, leaps from the Golden Gate Bridge.  When she wakes from her coma to find herself alive and well, she begins a journey to find the mysterious strangers who saved her, to understand her bizarre visions, and to reunite her estranged family.  As her story unfolds and she probes the meaning of her own existence and attempts to find the truth about the death of her father and sister, she finds that her family is far larger than she'd ever known, and that above all else, it must be made whole.


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The Orphans.
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Nothing More.

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April.     The Specter.     The Homeless Man.     Dr. Elton Ellis.     Lois.
The Children of Gayle.     Tracy.     Kuk.     Dr. Frank Strauss.     Woe.
Gayle.     Dottie & Boomer.     Investigator Sheridan.     Beatrice.
Lucas Etruria.     The Orphans of Hell.  The Beats.     Marchosias.

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