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Letters to My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls.
Cosmographia Books, 2018.


In a series of letters from a mental institution, Robin introduces us to Sweet Jane, and her lover, Eleanor.  Learn Jane's story (or rather, her version of it) as Sinclair explores self and gender identity, memory, and abuse through the lens of mental illness. 


In the end you may decide for yourself the true story, and the fate, of Sweet Jane.

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Letters to My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls.

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The Voices of #MeToo (Compilation)
Yes Poetry, 2018.


Featuring 10 poets from the Yes Poetry #MeToo Series, including Julia Knobloch, Caitlin Wolper, medina, Natalie Ada Mariko, Robin Sinclair, Stephen Furlong, Brian Spears, AJ Wolff, Cade Leebron, and Lynne DeSilva-Johnson.

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Honored Dead Day.
A Chapbook For Dead Friends.


Through intertwining tales of observation and emotional exploration, Robin introduces us to old friends in Honored Dead Day.  


Learn each of their fates in this dark, honest, and at points humorous collection of poetry from Robin Sinclair.


Orphans. Honored Dead Day. Graphic Novels. Poetry. Noir

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The Voices of #MeToo

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