Robin Sinclair is a queer, genderqueer writer of mixed heritage and mixed emotions, currently on the road, reading from their debut book of poetry, Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls. 


Robin's work has been published in various magazines and journals, including Gatewood Journal, Across the Margin, Shot Glass Journal, Black Heart Magazine, Red Bird Chapbooks, The Cerurove, Yes Poetry, and Pidgeonholes.

Robin would love to read at your event - click here to contact Robin. Robin will read at your open mic, book store, library, bar, coffee shop, in your basement, in an alley, in a cemetery, in your closet, or anywhere else poetry can happen. And poetry happens everywhere.



Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls, Cosmographia Books, October 2018.


You Don't Know What You've Done., Across The Margin, February 2020


Her Blankets, Her Bookshelves, And You., Across The Margin, February 2020


Chronicle on Mirrored Ceiling., Across The Margin, February 2020


Incense on a Walmart Dresser., Across The Margin, February 2020

Sex., Trampset, December 2019


She Goes To The Attic & Considers Dying., Pink Plastic House, December 2019


The Need, Sundress Publications The Wardrobe. November 2019.

And The Wolf, Marías at Sampaguitas, July 2019.

Gratitude, Marías at Sampaguitas, July 2019.

He Read First From Psalms, Then From Samuel, Shot Glass Journal Issue 28, June 2019.

He, A Poppy Field. NILVX II(I): Divine Androgyne. March 2019.

Ode to Molly, Across The Margin, July 2018.

Take The Back Roads To Her, Across The Margin, July 2018.

Where to Find Me, National Poetry Month, AngelHouse Press, April 2018.

(PDF backup of original publication).

The Cerurove Issue 1, November 2017.

How It Happened, Yes Poetry #MeToo Series, October 31, 2017.

Also appeared in The Voices of #MeToo (Compilation), YesPoetry, September 2018.

Before Winter, Shotglass Journal Issue 22, June 2017.

Barcode Girl is Dead, Pidgeonholes: VERDA. May 2017.

Hollow Bodies, Red Bird Chapbooks Weekly Reads, February 14 2017 Edition.

A Gift To Keep, Freaks N Geeks Magazine, Issue 6, January 2016

Ted's Girlfriend's Panties, Black Heart Magazine, July 19, 2015 Edition.

Lydia, Gatewood Journal, June 2, 2015 Edition.

Where It Started, Gatewood Journal, May 12, 2015 Edition.

A New Religion, Freaks N Geeks Magazine, Issue 3. May 2015

Day Drunk with Falstaff, Opening Line Literary Zine, April 2015 - Fools & Great Minds(Finalist, Dover Publications Shakespeare Poetry Contest)

On The Other Side of the World, Cahaba River Literary Journal, Spring 2015


Short Stories


Left Turn (Microfiction), Matchbook, Ad Series Volume 5, August 2017

Why Jason Carpatti is Dead (Short Story), Opening Line Literary Zine, Winter 2016



Robin's Writing Day, Missouri., My Small Press Writing Day, January 1, 2020.

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"Give broke writers enough time on Twitter, we'll eat each other alive."

Robin was interviewed by Nazlı Karabıyıkoğlu for Marías at Sampaguitas. Read the full interview here.


Robin's interview in Luna Luna Magazine (Interview by  Joanna C. Valente). Robin talks poetry, gender, apocalypse, and the perfect death. Read the full interview here.


Robin's interview on The Last Word radio program. Listen here. The last word? "Shotgun."


Orphans. Honored Dead Day. Graphic Novels. Poetry. Noir

Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls. Robin Sinclair

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