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January 2020 Update:

"my sex is a crow at the edge of a harvested field,
pecking at dots in dry dirt.


Robin's poem, Sex. was published in Trampset. Read it here.


"the emergency cigarette she’d hidden behind sheet music,

Gilbert and Sullivan her grandmother played on Sundays,

before rum shakes and the Mourning After."

Robin's poem, She Goes To The Attic And Considers Dying. has been published in Pink Plastic House. Read it here.


"I can't take out the notebook mid-conversation or mid-sex and take notes, right?"

Robin's essay about a typical writing day is up at My Small Press Writing Day. Read it here


Robin was featured in Sundress Publications The Wardrobe. Read it here.

Previous Updates:

Robin was interviewed by Nazlı Karabıyıkoğlu for Marías at Sampaguitas. Read the full interview here.

Letters to My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls was reviewed by Venus Davis. Read the full review here.

Robin's poems, "Gratitude" and "And The Wolf" have been published in Marías at Sampaguitas.

Robin's poem, "He Read First From Psalms, Then From Samuel," has been published in issue 28 of Shot Glass Journal. Read it online for free by clicking here.

Robin was interviewed by Joanna C. Valente for Luna Luna Magazine. Robin talks poetry, gender, apocalypse, and the perfect death. Read the full interview here.

Letters To My Lover... has received another lovely review. Click here to read the review by Benjamin Schmitt from At The Inkwell. 

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Robin's First Book

Now Available

Letters To My Love Front Cover - blue.jp

Robin's first book, Letters to My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls, is now available! 

This book of missive poetry discusses issues of self and gender identity, memory, abuse, and mental illness through the letters of Sweet Jane to her lover, Eleanor. 

Order Here On Amazon.

Also Available on Kindle.

"There's something wicked behind your eyes, John. It hides in your past, and no matter how much you lie to yourself, you can't escape it." 

The Ghost of Mary

Orphans. Sweet Nothing

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