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February 2021 Update:

Robin has two new poems in Cartridge Lit. Click here to read "On the Ethical Flaying of Corpses As a Form of Escapism (or, Castlevania III)" and "Deadnaming Birdetta."


Robin's piece on the death of Jimmy Webb, "Trash and Lost Moments," was included in Across the Margin's Best Nonfiction of 2020 list.


Robin's latest chapbook, Jeanette Killed Her Husband (And Buried Him Off of Shades of Death Road) (Ghost City Press, 2020) is available for free download here.


Limited edition, signed hard copies are available for purchase here.

Previous Updates:

Robin's poem, "The Grand Reopening" has been published in More Space, a literary zine created to benefit the Trans Women of Color Collective.


"there was no such forever as my teeth
grazed the instep of your foot"

Robin's poem, "Okay, Fine" has been published in Poke, a journal of kink and erotica from Pink Plastic House. Read it here.



"Not me, the manic pixie dream queer.
Not you, the happy ending.
All that reflects is the story,
the cynicism,
the marks we’ve left behind.

Robin has four new poems published at Across the Margin. Read them here.


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Robin's New Chapbook

Now Available

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Robin's new chapbook, Jeanette Killed Her Husband (And Buried Him Off of Shades of Death Road), is now available! 

Jeanette is a 2020 Ghost City Press Summer Series selection. A micro-chap of narrative poetry, this cohesive collection discusses themes of revenge, causality, and local folklore.


Purchase a signed, limited edition hard copy here.

Download the eBook (Pay What You Want) here.

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